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Romon and Evelyn OglesbyRomon R Oglesby a native Detroiter, was called at the age of sixteen to preach God's Word. Having waited 3 year so that his pastor would know he heard from God, Romon Oglesby preached his first sermon on a Sunday night at the age of nineteen. The uniqueness of Pastor Romon’s ministry is his gift of storytelling. In many ways he has relayed life principles, words of inspiration, and insightful words of wisdom by allowing the word of God and the gospel of Jesus to be the foundation for his premise. Countless audiences have been captivated by pastor’s ability to make connections, by his either thematic or exegetical preaching style, to their current life situation. In many ways his fanciful storytelling and masterful ways of communicating deep theological concepts have coined him a nickname “the professor.”

 In 1987 (Mackenzie high school 10th grade) Romon received a word of knowledge that a young lady in his chemistry class would be his wife. Her name was Evelyn Howard. Romon told her what he heard but at the time Evelyn did not agree. After college and some maturing the Lord’s word manifested. He married the beautiful Evelyn Renee Howard on July 16, 1994, who has co-labored with him in building a dynamic ministry that is recognized around the world. They now have been married for over 25 years. They have accomplished an enormous amount in their social, civic, and spiritual interactions.

This dynamic couple co-founded the outstanding Great Faith Christian Center Church ("A Church Like Never Before”) in 2011 after a mandate from God. Pastor Romon started Great Faith Christian Center Church with 18 adults. (Romon, Evelyn, Thomas, Eveta, Ronald, Delora, Robert, Michelle, Tonita, Maxine, Veronica, Darnell, LaVonda, Karen, Eddie, Holly, Bobby and Darlene). Notwithstanding God has added to the vision continually.

Their passion to take God's Word to a hurting and lost generation has resulted in them ministering in many countries, in hundreds of cities, and to thousands of people. This Church also has a significant radio ministry, hair and cosmetology center (All Eyes on You), and is coupled with Visionary Community Development Corporation (VCDC) an organization geared toward youth and community advancement.

Pastor Romon and Lady Oglesby have committed to their four children to lead and nurture them in the ways of the Lord. Their three lovely daughters and one son: Calah, Corinth, Christian, and Romon II (RJ) have been marked for ministry with an overwhelming gifting and grace for the ministry of faith and helps.
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